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FMCG, Health


FMCG & Health segments often have high-volume / high turnover operations. Our clients require setting up of systems that are efficient, yet precise enough to measure per unit cost and drivers of revenue and profit.

Below we included a number of real-world case studies where Krusman was able to help set up new FMCG businesses or assist with a business turnaround.

Case study I: A new player in the UK Electronic Nicotine Delivery (ENDS) market:We helped with distribution and regulatory approval of a new brand of an ENDS product. This required setting up of VAT number, Eori number, finding and liaising with customs brokers (as the product was imported into the UK), license and regulatory help with applications to UK Government bodies. VAT/Payroll reports, year-end submissions and creating payment runs.

Case study II:

Harvey Street beauty clinic: We helped with a turnaround of a boutique business offering skincare and nutrition services. We established monthly management report, VAT / year-end submissions and produced tailored reports for medical license bodies. At a later stage, we collected and analysed all the revenue items to determine the profit share of doctors, health & beauty specialists.

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