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Are you a company owner looking for expansion?


Zulfiya Usmanova

5 June 2023

Depending on what stage of development your business is at we can provide you with advice on a number of fronts:

Leverage our contacts in the industry - solicitors, estate agents, other business owners, who can help support your business

Structuring of top-down operations: creating a Holdco/Opco, and setting up ring-fenced, protected legal entities

Advising owners on the next stages of growth compatible with their strategic objectives. We work around 3 main components:

1) Diagnosis – explain the nature of the challenge, simplify complexity to focus on the specific; 

2) Guiding Policy for dealing with the challenge;

3) A set of Coherent actions to carry out the guiding strategy;

We can also set up new systems of management control and operations, and on the operational side, simplify business structures. 

Finally, we can create and launch automatisation of data collection and processes, increasing efficiency and profitability.

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