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Asset Management


Good quality financial reporting is key to growth and long-term stewardship of assets.

We aim to provide the managers and beneficiaries with clear reporting and thorough analysis of data. Our staff has experience working in-house with asset management firms in London, where we looked after listed and unlisted portfolios of assets and vehicles, ranging from Real Estate to Investment funds.

Areas of expertise: 

Fiduciary: Administration of Trusts and Foundations and underlying assets/vehicles in various jurisdictions (Liechtenstein, Bahamas, Singapore, Jersey and others). 

Funding: Setting up banking/loan facilities using enhanced due diligence and KYC procedures (FATCA). Global reach: Partnership with international network of law, tax and accountancy firms based in EMEA, Middle East, US and South Asia.

Forensic accounting/audit: Sometimes asset managers and owners need to conduct an internal audit of assets for various reasons: it could be in preparation for acquisition or sale of an asset, or a case of suspected fraud. We understand the nuances of each of these scenarios and will design and execute an audit accordingly. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in confidence.

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